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diy monogram button art

Cheap and Easy Button Monogram Art

If you’re looking for an easy personalized gift idea or for do-it-yourself decorative pieces for a room in your home, look no further! …

recycled plastic bottle wreath

Recycled Plastic Bottle Wreath

What a great idea: Recycle your plastic bottles and turn them in to creative wreaths for the front door! They’re super easy …

iced tea gel candle

Homemade Iced Tea Gel Candles

Gel candles are fairly easy and cheap to make yourself making them great gift ideas or wedding favors. This iced tea candle …

thread bouquet

Thread Spool Bouquet

Brighten up your sewing area with a bouquet made out of your thread spools of all different colors! All you need is …


Painted House Keys

Organize your key ring and always know which key unlocks each door by color coding them! A cheap and easy way to …