Baseball Bracelet DIY

Image via icanfindthetime
Image via icanfindthetime

Make this awesome looking bracelet from a baseball in a few easy steps! 

Supplies Needed:

A baseball
Single Razor blades


  1. Cut the leather around the red stitching on the baseball with a razor blade. (Cut as close to the stitching as you want but not too close so they come out of the leather.)
  2. Cut all the way around the baseball until you can peel off a full piece of leather from the rubber ball in the center.
  3. Do the same thing on the other side of the ball until you have two pieces of leather and the stitching in one piece.
  4. Cut the stitching so it is one long piece. If you need to clean up any of the leather or if the leather is fraying slightly, use fabric scissors to straighten the edges.
  5. Gently pull the stitching out of one end of the leather and keep going until you have 2 pieces of string long enough to tie. (These will be used to tie your bracelet together around your wrist so make sure its long enough.)
  6. Cut off the excess leather that so your just left with the excess string at the end.
  7. Tie it to your wrist and show off your new handmade fashion accessory!


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