DIY Glitter Heels

diy glitter heels
Gold DIY Heels via apairandasparediy

Have an old pair of heels lying around that have seen better days and are dull or full of scuffs? Bring life to your heels with a little glitter and mod podge and start wearing them again! You can even pick up a cheap pair at a thrift store and make custom expensive looking heels. We spotted these fabulous gold glitter heels over at apairandasparediy which were inspired by a pair by Miu Miu heel that can cost a lot of money and they look just as good. When applying your glitter, make sure you use a high quality gloss mod podge that will last through wear and tear. You may have to apply the glitter really thick or do multiple layer to get the amount of sparkle you desire, but the patience will definitely pay off in the end. You may also want to apply a clear gloss finish to the shoes after your done to keep the glitter from flaking off.

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