Cheap and Easy Button Monogram Art

diy monogram button art

If you’re looking for an easy personalized gift idea or for do-it-yourself decorative pieces for a room in your home, look no further! Handmade button monogram art is a wonderful gift idea, really easy to make and a great way to recycle and use all of those assorted buttons in your craft drawer. There are a few ways to create your own monogram button art piece… you can sketch our your letter(s) on a canvas and glue buttons inside the tracing or the easier way, buying pre-cut wooden letter like these and glue the buttons on.
pink button monogram

The soft shades of pink and pretty frame are an adorable decoration for a baby girl’s nursery or little girls room.

multi color button monogram

 Mix up button sizes and colors for a fun multicolored monogram letter.

wooden button letter

 Different shaped buttons (such as the ones in the picture above) give the letter art a custom look.

green button monogram

 All green or blue buttons are a cute option for a little boys room or nursery.

buttons and pearls monogram

 You don’t have to just use buttons… feel free to use other small things from past crafts and projects such as pearls, shells, etc to decorate your monogram art.

Find supplies needed to create this craft at They have a wide array of button options and even have packs that come in the same color scheme for convenience at super low prices. 

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