Cheap DIY Cake Stands

DIY Cake Stands via CheapCrafting

 Check out these ideas for cheap DIY cake stands for your next occasion such as a baby shower, bridal shower  or wedding. You can easily make these cute homemade cake stands with cheap supplies that can be found at thrift or craft stores.

This cake stand looks expensive but it actually can fit any budget at just a few bucks! One of the ways it’s made so cheap is by using a tupperware lid for the top, a candlestick (can be found at thrift stores for pennies) and painting the whole thing an elegant color that fits your occasion. Check out how it was made at partiesforpennies. (Seen Below)

DIY Glass Cake Stand with Tupperware Lid
DIY Glass Cake Stand with Tupperware Lid via partiesforpennies

These uniqe cake stands are made out of really cheap supplies such as a tart baking pan, a candlestick holder, glue and paint in your choice of fun colors. We just love how creative Claire over at tuscanydesign is! 

diy tart pan cake stands
Tart Pan Cake Stands spotted at tuscanydesign

Having a wedding but don’t want to spend a fortune? Why not make a few simple accessories instead of buying them to cut down on the cost such as these pretty cake stands for a bridal shower or small cakes on your big day. Head on over to toriejayne to see how to make these fabulous pedestal cake stands.

Bridal Pedestal Cake Stands
Bridal Pedestal Cake Stands via toriejayne

You can decorate your homemade cake stands with all kinds of things… Megan over at thehomesihavemade had the wonderful idea to put a beaded embellishment around the rim of the cake stand and they look great!

bead embellished cake stands
Bead Embellished Cake Stands found at thehomesihavemade

You can also decorate the cake stands with fun and colorful tassel fringe as did Trish and Bonnie at uncommondesigns.

Tassel Fringe DIY Cake Stands
Tassel Fringe DIY Cake Stands via uncommondesignsonline

Here’s another great idea… why hang crystal embellishments off the cake stand to make an elegant looking cake stand for wedding celebrations. This stand looks so high end but only costs a few bucks to make!

DIY Hanging Crystal Cake Stand
DIY Hanging Crystal Cake Stand via weddingchicks

Another way to decorate your cake stands would be to paint them in fun bold colors and even make multiple layers to hold cupcakes and other sweet treats like the ones below.

3 layer colorful diy cake stands
Colorful 3 Layer Cake Stands spotted at shelterness
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