Apple Crafts – Apples Made of Yarn

This Apple crafts for kids is a great idea for a fall craft or can be turned into a great teacher appreciation gift.


My son brought this home from school one day and I thought this was the coolest craft so I am sharing this with all of you guys too!.


  • Cardboard
  • Red OR Green Yarn
  • Markers


Keep in mind that this is how I would do it. I am not sure how the teacher did it or where she found this idea.
  • Draw an apple shape on the cardboard
  • Cut the shape out.
  • color the stem and leaf with markers
  • Wrap the yarn around the apple in alternating directions.
  • Do this until its completely covered
  • when you cut the end wrap it around a piece of the yarn and tie a knot and if long enough tuck it under.



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