DIY Zebra Kid Costume

Image via babygizmo
Image via babygizmo

Here’s a great tutorial for how to make this super cute zebra costume in a few easy steps and on the cheap!


Black hoodie
Black sweatpants
 Duct Tape, White,
Waxed paper
One sheet of white craft foam
One sheet of black craft foam

How To:

Step 1: Make the Stripes

Putting the duct tape on wax paper will make it much easier to cut. Cut a sheet of waxed paper long enough to wrap around one leg of the sweatpants with a little overlap. Gently lay strips of cut duct tape down on the waxed paper but be sure to leave exposed wax paper on the ends to grab. Do not press the tape down because it will make it harder to remove.

Step 2: Separate and cut the stripes

Cut the duct tape strips apart.  Then cut along side the strips of duct tape to make the edges wavy. This will give the stripes that real zebra look.

Step 3: Remove the duct tape from paper

Remove the stripes of tape from the wax paper and wrap around the leg of the pants. Repeat this with many more tape stripes. Since a zebra’s stripes are never the same – your tape stripes don’t need to be either.

Step 4: Add Stripes to Jacket and Hood

Next add stripes to the body of the jacket and the hood. Adjust the size of the wax paper to accommodate for the longer stripes to wrap the jacket.

Step 5: Make and Add the Zebra Mane

Cut many pieces of 4-6? strips of craft foam.  The more pieces you cut, the longer and fuller the mane will be.  Take a long piece of duct tape (about 2 feet long) and roll it with the stickiness on the outside so that you have a long sticky piece to attach your craft foam pieces to.  Like blades of grass stick the craft foam piece alternating colors to the rolled piece of tape. Finally, attach the mane to the back of the hoodie.

Step 6: Trick or Treat!

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