Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Image via modernmom
Image via modernmom

Need something to do with the kids this summer? Here’s an idea: make some of this Homemade Sidewalk Chalk and let them create little masterpieces in the driveway! 


Paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tubes
Duct tape
Freezer paper
Quart plastic containers
Tempera paint in different colors (we suggest this Crayola set of 12 paints)
Mixing spoon
Plaster of Paris such as Dap Molding Material
Rubber spatula
Cooling rack


  1. If you are using paper towel rolls, cut them in half then proceed to next step.
  2. Tape off one side of each tube with duct tape and make sure to completely seal the end.
  3. Cut freezer paper into 6-inch squares and line the inside of each tube with a piece.
  4. In a plastic container, mix plaster of paris as directed and add 2 tablespoons of one color mixed with a little water (you can add more if a deeper color is desired/or more water if you want a paler color)
  5. Mix slowly while adding Plaster to water/paint mixture, until completely combined.
  6. Using a rubber spatula, fill each prepared tube with the plaster mixture. (Tip: tap tube on work surface to release the air bubbles.)
  7. Let the tubes set for about 2 hours and then remove chalk by first peeling away the duct tape, then the cardboard tube, and last, peel away the piece of freezer paper.
  8. Once chalk is removed from tube, place on a cooling rack and let dry completely (about 1-3 days) before using.
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