Pretty Lace Crown How To

lace crowns easy diy
Image & Craft via rookno17

Having a party for your little girl? Check out this easy and quick tutorial for making these cute tiaras that can be made as favors!


A piece of posterboard, 19″ long and 4″ high
Plastic wrap
1/2 yard crocheted lace
A straight pin
Rubber gloves
Newspaper to cover your work area
Metallic Spray Paint
Clear enamel, poly or glaze spray 
E6000 glue
Vintage jewelry, rhinestones, jeweled scrapbook trim, etc…


  1. Start by rolling the strip of poster board into a tube that is 17″ in circumference.  Use tape to hold in place.  Wrap tube in plastic wrap.  This will prevent the lace from sticking to the form.  Wrap lace around the form and use straight pin to pin ends together where they overlap.
  2. Working in a warm, well-ventilated area and wearing rubber gloves, spray entire surface of crown with one layer of the clear glaze. Allow to dry, in a warm area, for 15-20 minutes (or until dry to the touch).
  3. Now spray entire surface of crown with one layer of the metallic paint. Allow to dry, in a warm area, for 20-30 minutes (or until dry to the touch).
  4. Remove pin, then gently peel lace off of the form. Now wrap the lace back around the form, but with the painted side facing in. Pin back into place.
  5. Spray with clear glaze, then allow to dry.
  6. Now spray entire surface of crown with a coat of metallic paint. Dry for 20-30 minutes. If you want the tips of the crown to flare out, now is the time to bend them outward with a gloved hand.
  7. Spray with a final coat of metallic paint. Allow to dry and harden in a warm place.
  8. Remove the pin and gently loosen the lace from the form. Allow crown to dry for an additional hour.
  9. Trim any frayed ends from the lace and decide which way you want to overlap the ends to make the cleanest seam.  Use E6000 to glue in place.
  10. Now it’s time to embellish the crown!  Use E6000 to attach a decorative border and accents.  I like to use a combination of old costume jewelry and new findings from the craft store.
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