5 Chalkboard Design Tips

5 Chalkboard Design Tips via CheapCrafting

We’ve all seen beautiful chalkboard creations made by design divas for all kinds of occasions from weddings to Halloween parties. These chalkboard designs are not that hard to create yourself but before you start be sure to read our 5 helpful tips and tricks to help you make a gorgeous chalkboard you’ll be ready to show off!

1. Always sketch your design first and map out dimensions of your board to prevent your picture being off centered or something from missing.
2. Sharpen your chalk before writing on the board, sharpen your piece of chalk with a sharpener, a craft knife or you can also buy a chalk marker or pencil to create precise smooth lines.
3. Get creative and mix & match your fonts. Using different fonts creates a break in the words which is easier on the eye but make sure they complement each other. Try the fonts on a computer together to see how they will look.
4. When making repetitive shapes such as circles, diamonds, chevron or squares make a stencil to make sure they are the exact same size to create cohesiveness for a professional look.
5. When done, clean the edges with a moistened cotton swab to clean up graphics and lettering.

Liquid Chalk Fluorescent Markers

Liquid Chalk Fluorescent Markers Check out this great marker kit with all the vibrant chalk colors you need to create beautiful chalkboard designs. Too often liquid chalk markers are watery, colors are translucent and they can be a nightmare to remove, well no longer... these markers have a formula that has taken chalk ink technology to the next level and done away with all of these problems and more!

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Folkart Chalkboard Paint

Folkart Chalkboard Paint Turn an ordinary household item into an extraordinary chalkboard writing surface. To apply FolkArt Chalkboard paint on any piece of wood or even terra cotta, simply brush on, let dry and condition with chalk (condition by rubbing entire surface with chalk and erase). This paint is non-toxic and water based making it safe for kids too.

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