Tassel Balloons How To

Image via thealisonshow
Image via thealisonshow


How To:

  1. Cut your plastic table cloth in half lengthwise, and then fold each half in half again. Each folded half will make approx. 10 tassels.
  2. slice one inch strips (keep the fold at the top of your fringe)
  3. Criss-cross 10 pieces of fringe as shown. Overlap the pieces at the fold.
  4. Pinch below your top fold about an inch down
  5. Using 1/4 of a strip, begin to wrap your “pinch” in place. Secure the strip with a dab of hot glue.
  6. – To add tassels to a balloon: hot glue as many tassels as you’d like to a piece of decorative string. Tie the string to your balloon and PARTY! This way you can remove the string and save it for another balloon!
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