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DIY Cake Stands via CheapCrafting

Cheap DIY Cake Stands

 Check out these ideas for cheap DIY cake stands for your next occasion such as a baby shower, bridal shower  or wedding. …

Okra Flower stamping

Okra Flower Stamping

What a cool (and cheap!) idea for making your own flower stamps! Cut a piece of fresh okra in half and let …

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Rope Coasters

Supplies: cardboard 10m piping cord PVA Glue such as Helmer’s Craft and Hobby Glue small paintbrush sewing pin Directions:  Cut cardboard into …

Clean Paint Pan Tip - Cheap Crafting

Paint Cleanup Tip

  Here’s a tip for next time you are doing some painting around the house… Line your paint tray with aluminum foil …

DIY Spray Paints - Cheap Crafting

DIY Spray Paints

Here’s a tip for making your own homemade spray paints so you can make all kinds of fantastic crafts! All you need …

Baked Marbles - Cheap Crafting

Baked Marbles

 To make these “baked” marbles, you simply need to bake them! Directions: Bake marbles on a cookie sheet at 325-350 for 20 …