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Painted House Keys

Organize your key ring and always know which key unlocks each door by color coding them! A cheap and easy way to …

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Chalkboard Mug

What a great idea… grab some cheap coffee mugs at a thrift store and paint them with chalkboard paint to leave your …

Image via justcallmechris

Fabric Button Hair Pins

These fabric button hair pins are super adorable and easy to make! Give them as gifts or make lots of colors to …

paint in squeeze bottles - craft tip

Easy Paint Storage

What a great idea to easily store all of your paint used for arts and crafts projects… Just save some empty ketchup …

sweater candles

Upcycled Sweater Candles

¬†Upcycle those old sweaters that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away and turn them into fabulous Sweater Candles… They also …

picture holder diy

DIY Wire Picture Holder

Here’s a great tip on how to make those cute wire picture holders to display your favorite photos: use a glue stick …