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picture holder diy

DIY Wire Picture Holder

Here’s a great tip on how to make those cute wire picture holders to display your favorite photos: use a glue stick …

Baby Wipe Container Yarn Organizer - Cheap Crafts

Cheap Yarn Organizer

¬†Organize your craft room and recycle with this great idea for organizing yarn! Use empty baby wipe containers to contain your yarn …

Paintbrush Household Tip - Cheap Crafting

Tip for Reusing Old Paintbrushes

Here’s a simple household tip so you can reuse your paintbrushes over and over and save some money! …Soak old paint brushes …

Clean Paint Pan Tip - Cheap Crafting

Paint Cleanup Tip

  Here’s a tip for next time you are doing some painting around the house… Line your paint tray with aluminum foil …

DIY Spray Paints - Cheap Crafting

DIY Spray Paints

Here’s a tip for making your own homemade spray paints so you can make all kinds of fantastic crafts! All you need …